TikTok To Launch Talent Manager Portal, Further Benefiting Its Creators

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January 20, 2023


TikTok’s new tool is promised to push influencer marketing to new heights. 

The Talent Manager Portal is an expansion from the Creator Marketplace, which launched in 2019 and aims to connect brands and TikTok creators. The Marketplace allows brands to curate creators by keywords, content and filters around specific metrics, while helping creators pitch themselves through “application campaigns”.



With this new Talent Manager Portal, creators can now focus solely on delivering quality content and interacting with followers. Meanwhile, their managers or agencies take care of the business side by logging into their Marketplace account (separate from creators’ actual account) and negotiating brand deals, analyzing metrics and reviewing campaign reports.

TikTok is showing strong ambition towards capitalizing its vast numbers of micro- and macro-influencers from all kinds of niches, catching up with its major competitors like Youtube and Meta. The number one platform for short-form videos has its own unique selling point, which is authenticity. More than two thirds of TikTok users say authenticity from a creator’s content is what influences their purchase. Brands also report positive results in terms of brand favorability and recommendations after working with TikTok creators.



As a social listening agency, it’s important to stay on top of the latest developments in the digital media landscape. The Talent Manager Portal is a great way for social listening agencies to ensure that their clients’ campaigns are successful and that their talent is properly represented by conducting proper campaign analysis and in-flight optimization.

Overall, the Talent Manager Portal is a welcomed addition to the Creator Marketplace and offers more tools for brands looking to work with top creators. The Talent Manager Portal is currently in alpha testing, and we look forward to seeing how the Talent Manager Portal continues to evolve and impact the influencer marketing space on TikTok.

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