TikTok To Use Data Authorized By IMDb In New Feature

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January 13, 2023


The number one app for short-form video has announced a new feature allowing users to search for any movies’ information without leaving the app. This feature, partnered with IMDb, the world’s most popular online movie database, will likely benefit users, creators and marketers. 

Movie fans in the US and UK are now able to look for the summary, names of the cast, release date and length of any movie or TV series they see on TikTok just by clicking the link above the caption. They will be redirected to a dedicated in-app page that displays information licensed by IMDb as well as videos from other creators that tag the same title. Titles can also be saved to “Favorites” tab, keeping fans updated.

As the movie communities are growing stronger on TikTok, with hashtags #MovieTok, #FilmTok and #TVTok respectively earning 10.5B, 15.3B and 652.1M views, this new feature will help “enrich the TikTok experience” and “gives our community more opportunities to discover, create, and share the content they love”, said Grace Li – Director of Strategic Partnerships at ByteDance/TikTok.



This handshake between TikTok and IMDb is predicted to leave Google out of the game as it saves users the hassle of asking for the movie’s name and google it to get information. For TikTok creators who earn fame by talking about movies and films, it is easier than ever to be discovered by potential followers as the feature recommends their movie-tagged videos. For filmmakers and film marketers, it is high time they consider deploying TikTok as part of their advertising strategy, especially if they want to attract younger audiences. 

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