RILA GLOBAL can proudly say that we helped the most popular cookie in the world reinvent itself and stay ahead of family dynamics and trends.

This client had an extensive digital team that knew that in order to stay competitive in the global market, they also have to stay ahead of any upcoming consumer trends. Their team was looking to develop the right strategies to dominate the global cookie market using social media analytics.

We partnered with this Fortune500 brand to create a strategic forecasting report on how families will change over the next year. RILA GLOBAL was able to identify where their customers will shop from, what packaging attracts them, how they think about “cookie” purchases, shelving positioning, and celebrities that can influence consumers’ purchase decisions.

Our research not only showed the power and importance of business intelligence but it also helped this brand uncover the consumer trends affecting their product. Find out how customers want to engage with you through our insightful research programs by contacting us at