Our client, a global association, was interested in understanding the false content around 5G technologies that existed online on a global scale. Before heavily investing in marketing initiatives to combat fake news, our client needed a deep dive to better interpret the scale of the issue.

We worked closely with the organization’s PR & Communications teams in Switzerland to establish parameters for our study, priorities, and next steps. By using powerful Artificial Intelligence technologies and calibrated dashboards, our expert researchers analyzed millions of digital conversations worldwide. Using a triangulated approach, RILA GLOBAL combined various datasets and social analytics to uncover problematic domains, media sites, and bot authors.

RILA’s role in this study was crucial – not only did we help our customers understand the impact of online conversations around their brand, but our research was used to inform marketing investment efforts for 2020.

1. Identifying patient needs and preferences

2. Monitoring side effects

3. Improving clinical trial recruitment

4. Gaining a competitive edge

5. Improving customer service

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Discover the driving forces behind @Pirelli's online reputation through the power of social listening.

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RILA is proud to announce that our founder and CEO, Tsvetta Kaleynska, has been listed as one of the most influential professionals in The Social Intelligence Insider 50.

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We recently conducted a social listening analysis of DHL and uncovered some interesting trends and insights that will help the company improve its customer service and overall performance.

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